New World


Graphic 1: Example of 50v50 army Structure.

Graphic 2: Basic flow of a 50v50 Siege War from beginning to end.

**What is Territory War?** → Oversimplified Version
Large-Scale PVP consisting of 2 distinct Stages: Open-World **Influence Race** & Instanced 50v50 **Siege War.**

**Stage 1: Influence Race**
Goal: "Throw Territory into 'Conflict." How?
Perform PVP !Quests (from the Town Projects' board) in the target Territory to shift the Influence Bar.
Warning: you will lose !Quest progress if you unflag.

**Stage 2: 50v50 Siege War**
Goal: Capture the Fort in under 30 minutes.
Objective 1: Capture Points A, B, & C
Objective 2: Breach at least 1 of the Fort Gates.
Objective 3: Capture Fort Point to Win.
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