New World

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Tradesman's Bible - Ch 1 - Market & Trading
u/Hatberg‘s Dye Chart
Tradesman's Bible - Ch 2 - Exp & Resources
Crafting the perfect tool
BraveNW: An Interactive Visualization for New World's Crafting Ecosystem
Towns by Trade Activity
Material converter is a crafter/gather fiends best friend
Master Professions Recipes
Crafting Calculations
Lace Delamorte's New World Crafting & Stats Breakdown
Updated New World Gathering Infographics
Tradesman's Bible - New World Crafting Calculators, Tools, and Guides




Arcana Guide
[Arcana lvl 0-200 Resources Inforgraphic][Trademan's Bible Quick Guide Arcana][Trademan's Bible Quick Guide Arcana Focus Gathering Route]]
Armoring Guide
[Armoring - Leveling Guide (1 to 50)][Trademan's Bible Quick Guide Armoring]]
Cooking Guide
Cooking Tips And Tricks
Ingredients by Zone
Food and Recipes : newworldgame (
Engineering Guide
[Maxing engineering costs 300k iron and 200k green wood][Engineering 0-200 Quick Leveling Guide][Trademan's Bible Quick Guide Engineering]]
Furnishing Guide
[Housing-Infographic ]]
Jewelcrafting Guide
Jewelcrafting Guide (1 to 50)
Jewelcrafting 0-200 Resources Infographic
Trademan's Bible Quick Guide Jewelcrafting
0-200 Jewelcrafting infographic
Weaponsmithing Guide
[Weaponsmithing Guide (1 to 50) ]]



Gems Infographic
Tuning Orbs for Expeditions
Stonecutting 1 to 50
Basic Gem & Stonecutting Guide
Useful Gemcrafting Gathering guide from Discord user Bad#5373





Deep Inside Fishing Hotspots
Fishing Guide - Everything You Need To Know
Fishing Tips for Fast XP & Rare Items
Fishing Guide Cheat Sheet PDF
Unofficial Fishing Guide
Iron Ore Powermining Guide Leveling and Gold Making (5k+ Ore, 6k+ Gold p/h)

Mining Infographic
Mining Guide - The Games Cabin
Logging Guide - The Games Cabin
Logging Infographic
Harvesting Guide - The Games Cabin
Harvesting Guide Beginner to Expert
Harvesting Infographic
Make Finding Hemp & Iron Ore in New World Easy. The Basics of Harvesting
The BEST Way to Level Skinning
Skinning Infographic

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