New World


Culturati... It's a friendly company. Join it.
Feeling lonely? Want Company? Join Culturati.
Do you like hiding in cupboards? Join Culturati.
Life is like a box of chocolates. Or is it? Join Culturati.
"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." -Forrest Gump was a Marauder. For more insights, join Culturati.
Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics!!! Join Culturati.
Spies, Damned Spies and Sadists!!! | Culturati.
You, Sir, are a paragon of integrity. Join Culturati.
A stranger grabs you by the collar of your shirt. Their lips press against your ear as they whisper, 'join culturati.'
A Priest and a Marauder walk into a bar... Very suspicious. Join Culturati.
A Priest and a Marauder walked into a bar. Their bodies were found days later with the emblem of a unicorn carved into their foreheads... Join Culturati.
Thus sayeth the noob, "My body is incapable of producing sweat. Therefore, I joined Culturati."
Purple is the new... Purple. Does anyone remember that old Ribena ad? Join Culturati.
Once upon a time in Aeternum... A story of friendship among the members of Culturati.
Culturati? Is that a Company? Never heard of them...
Culturati is a Company of eunuchs. They're recruiting. Want to join? It's a simple procedure. DM for the pain-free details.
Culturati is a Company of eunuchs. They're recruiting, though I think they'd have better luck with the Covenant.
A faceless man with a white unicorn emblem over his head beckons you into a dark alley. You resist the urge. You are wise. You narrowly avoided being recruited by Culturati.
Have you ever witnessed a member of Culturati perform their secret handshake? No? Consider yourself lucky.
Fun Fact: Members of Culturati do not make linen out of hemp. They have other uses for it.
A grizzled man with horrid breath wraps his arm around your shoulder. He says, "Have ye heard the ol' fisherman's tale about Culturati Company? No? It's kind of protracted and not all that interesting, really. But they're recruiting..."
You feel as tho someone is behind you. The hairs on your neck stand on end. All your instincts scream, DO NOT LOOK! But like a fool, you turn to see what cosmic horror stalks you. Alas, it's only a member of Culturati recruiting.
Have you ever drunk Azoth from a shoe? Join Culturati.
Culturati is not laughing at you, nor with you. Culturati does not laugh.
Cul - tur - a - ti. Say it three times in the mirror.
Culturati is not laughing at you, or with you. Culturati does not laugh. We are broken. Join us.
May I please join Culturati Company? I’ll DM ‘Fur Trade’ for invite.
Pro Tip: If you come across one of the many bugs in Aeternum, you might be able to use it as bait on your rod. For more insights, join Culturati: a HARDCORE Fishing Company with at least 1 member.
(@rewrock) Wana join a company that communicates better than Amazon Games Studio? Join Culturati
♪♪Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you.♪♪ Join Culturati.
♪♪Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.♪♪ Join Culturati.
There is no ‘eye’ in the word Culturati, but there is an ‘i.’ Moreover, there is at least one ‘u’, but no ‘you.’ Join the cult! DM for invite.
The Scholars of Culturati Company have uncovered an ancient proverb that reads: “The Arcanist cryeth to the Weaver, Foolish fool who is foolish! Do not waste thine hemp on linen!”
The Scholars of Culturati Company have observed that there are many ways to consume Azoth. Most commonly as a drink. But it is theorized that there are more exciting ways to take it. Join the experiment! DM for details...

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