New World

#rules and info

1. No Advertising
2. No NSFW
3. Respect the staff and the other members
4. Any type of harassment will result in a permanent ban
5. Use common sense "but it's not in the rules!" is not a valid excuse
6. Keep Topics in the appropriate channels

**@Governor**: Managing Director of Culturati.
**@Consul**: Company Branch Managers.
**@Officer**: Group Leaders, Knowledgebase, Active Members.
**@Settler**: Member of the Company.
**@Auxiliary**: Unverified Member.

#****: A brief introduction to Culturati.
#**rules-and-info**: As the title suggests, this is where rules and info about Culturati can be found.
#****: Important information regarding Culturati.
— Discussions —
#****: Primary chat channel.
#****: Buy/Sell items with company members. Or, share information about Trade Skills.
#**off-topic**: Non New World Chat, MEMEs, etc...
— PVP —
#****: Any and all discussion relating to PVP activity in territories.
#**bounties**: Have a rival? Curse their name here!
— Academy —
#****: Oversimplified explanation of PVP Territory War.
#****: Infographics, guides, and videos about Trade Skills.
#****: Databases & Maps
#**news**: Automated updates from New World Bot
— Community Content —
#****: Have a stream? Promote it here!
#**screenshots and clips**: Post your epic moments from New World here for all to see.

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