New World


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Discord Copy/Pasta
> You may have seen this message before, but here it is again. This is the short and sweet pitch CUlturati uses to attract the type of players that are likely to fit into our community culture.

Region: Australia & New Zealand | Server: :Yama: Yama | Faction: :Syndicate: Syndicate | Focus: PvX

Do you want to PVP? Well, you can. What about PVE? You can do that too! Or maybe you just want to stand around and fish. If that sounds like you, then don't wait any longer. Join Culturati!

There are two types of players in New World. The Flagged and The Unflagged. Both are viable ways of enjoying the game, and no matter which way you like it, you are welcome to join us! To those who want to Flag up for PVP: previous experience is not required. That said, we need some Confident PVPers to apply for leadership roles. *Culturati* has joined *Yama,* one of the busiest servers, but has not yet Declared War. Join us now if you would like to aid in the war effort.
The militant wing of **Culturati** is looking for a few focused PVPers to take up some leadership roles! Many factors can determine the outcome of a Skirmish; however, the most impactful factor is Leadership. Would you like to know more? Here are some of the qualities that may define a Leader:

An Effective Communicator; Easy to Understand; Clear on the Mic
Competitive; Determined to Win
A Quick Thinker; Aware; Adaptive; Takes Initiative

Beta Experience is not required. If you think you have what it takes, OR if you know someone else who does, DM Furtrade#4103 and submit your nomination.

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