LCC eLearning

Strategic Planning

Goal Category
Strategic Alignment
Associated Project Plan / Materials / Tasks
Departmental Process Improvement
Develop processes to identify, review, and document new and emerging learning technologies.
Create eLearning working groups to identify and streamline common eLearning tasks, new projects, and areas for improvement.
Standardize eLearning naming conventions, communication language by publishing content creation guidelines.
Standardize project plans for D2L updates, including: communication, documentation, and process execution.
Create and maintain internal documentation repository for D2L usage and procedures.
Develop process to streamline process for archiving and deleting D2L courses and user accounts.
Implement processes to maintain parity between testing and production instances of D2L.
eLearning Content and Stakeholder Resources
Develop and share course design guidelines for instructors to promote consistency and student engagement.
Standardize videos on the eLearning Resource Sites to have unified thumbnail images, consistent branding and clear categories.
Create a gallery of “just in time” video resources for instructors and students on D2L and other online learning tools.
Evaluate categories on the eLearning Resource sites to highlight essential information and streamline user experience.
Expand eLearning resources, services, and training around accessibility.
Implement new and interactive methods of displaying content on the eLearning Resource Sites.
Refine the knowledge base to assist students and instructors with their usage of D2L and D2L Integrations.
Enhance eLearning content and delivery focusing on implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Diversity, Equity, and Inculsion (DEI) best practices. (Split out DEI / UDL)
D2L Functionality and Integrations
Incresae collaboration with D2L to identify LCC needs, D2L service gaps, and future D2L improvements.
Evaluate and implement monthly D2L updates to enhance functionality for administrators, instructors, and students.
Document and communicate D2L and D2L integration updates to stakeholders.
Identify and implement product and security updates for D2L integrations.
Collaborate with vendors for support and product development for D2L integrations.
Develop public-facing tool inventory lists for D2L and D2L integrations.
Implement D2L reporting for learning outcomes, quizzes, rubrics and surveys data. (write a goal statement around data/analtyitcs/data-based decision making)
Campus Support and Collaborations
Work with the Course Design Training session attendees and others to implement Course Design best practices.
Create a process for LCC stakeholders to request new D2L Integrations.
Expand Instructional Design collaboration with faculty, departments, and campus-wide.
Analyze service request trends to improve responsiveness to instructors and students.
Collaborate with stakeholders to provide monthly reports for user progress, course accessibly and gradebooks.
Increase opporutnties for instructors and students to share feedback to enhance support effectiveness.   (split into students and instructors)
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