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1 - Navigation Submenu Additions


The current eLearning Instructor and Student Resource themes currently support a 2-level menu navigation structure—this means that there is one “Primary Navigation” menu, with one level of menus beneath that (i.e. D2L Help → Content). This style of relatively ‘flat’ navigation is well suited to hierarchies with only a few items. Since the eLearning Resource Sites contain a wide variety and depth of resources, it is advantageous to have a more flexible navigation system that allows menus to go one level deeper. This allows content to be more organized, and provides a smoother user experience to those navigating the site.


Building in sub-menu navigation involves identifying where in the CSS the current navigation is handled, and building on top of that already existing structure. Because the CSS file is shared between both Instructor and student resource sites, it’s important to ensure that impacts are well understood (and documented) for both sites. Building appropriate navigation also means not just having menus, but also ensuring proper UX with considerations such as signifiers (where is there a submenu), delay time, hover indications, and others.

Research Questions

Does our theme currently support the addition of submenus?
If not, can this support be added, or would it require a new theme?
What code/processes are used to introduce ‘hover-style’ submenus?
What are navigation best practices for UX styling of submenus (depth, hover time, # of items, categorization, etc.)?
Does the category architecture of the site need to be rebuilt to take advantage of these submenus, or can pages just be added in the WP menu feature?
Navigation Submenu Tasks
Est. Effort
Tentative Deadline
Determine Theme Support
Identify CSS for Menu Nav
Build Submenu Nav (standalone)
Build Submenu Nav (Local)
Get navigation feedback (Test
Revise and push to prod.
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To be filled as found.


Links to in-progress / completed deliverables as they are built.
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