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Access Addition

We received your request to add [NAME] to the [CRN]

Needs to Complete Teaching Online Training

We have received your request regarding access for [NAME] in [CRN]. [NAME] has not completed the Teaching Online with D2L training, therefore we have given them student access in this course. Once they have completed the training (takes about 30-45 minutes), reach out to us and then we can change their access to instructor. I have included the training access steps below.
To access the trainings in D2L:
Go to
Login using your Username and Password.
From the My Home page, locate the My Courses widget.
Select Teaching Online with D2L within the My Courses widget.

A11y Email

I have been assigned to do an accessibility quality assessment review of [COURSE TITLE] CRN [CRN] in D2L. If you are already working with your department on course accessibility, please let us know, and disregard this message.
I have highlighted below your current course, and the top files that are identified as not fully accessible to students. The goal is to make sure that materials available in D2L are at the light or dark green accessibility indicator (67% or higher), as much as possible. This assumes the most severe issues have been resolved within your course.
The following items are included on the Ally Course Accessibility Report for this course, and currently have the highest impact on course accessibility. Report.
A11Y Accessibility Report Items
File Title
File Type
Current A11y Indicator (Percentage)
Topic Selection and Audience Analysis
Red (25%)
There are no rows in this table
A note about PDF accessibility: PDFs are difficult and time-consuming to make accessible. Where possible, eLearning recommends keeping the original file types (e.g. Word/PowerPoints) or converting PDFs into Word/PowerPoint, as these documents are easier to make accessible. For more information on making PDFs accessible, please view Making PDFs Accessible in D2L.
Correcting these issues will greatly improve the accessibility of your course files for students. The goal would be to have you correct these issues within the next two weeks (DATE). Please feel free to contact the eLearning Department if you have any questions or would like to meet to review this information.
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