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Tech-it-Out List

A simple list of potential pitched tech-it-out trainings
Tech-it-Out Options
D2L Accessibility Checker and Blackboard A11y – Two Peas in a Pod
How to use these two tools in conjunction to make sure that both the HTML areas of your course and the external resources you are providing are accessible to as wide a variety of learners as possible.
Beyond A11y: UDL in D2L (3 Part Series)
This would be 3 separate Tech it Outs, each focusing on a different area of (Engagement, Representation, and Action/Expression). Focuses on using the tools within D2L to foster learner engagement, and how to do that in a digital environment, even outside the LMS, how to present materials in multiple formats and mix media types effectively and allowing learners different ways of showing mastery of learning content.
21st Century Bloom’s – A Digital Taxonomy for a Digital Age
There is a revised version of Blooms that focuses specifically on digital and online learning. This would provide examples of digital Bloom’s verbs, and assignments/assessments that faculty could use to hit those different levels.
Respondus 4.0 — Make it work for you!
A module on how to use Respondus 4.0, how to import test banks, develop assessments, build question pools, export assessments to D2L, generate answer keys, etc.
Too Many Options: How to Choose the Right Technology for your Course
An overview of models, frameworks, and tools you can use to decide how (not just if) you want to include more technology elements in your course, and methods for evaluating whether it’s the best pedagogical choice.
Accessibility: Fostering an Inclusive Learning Experience in D2L (4 Part Series)
4 separate Tech it Outs each focusing on using the tools within D2L to design learning experiences for different categories of disability (Visual, Auditory, Mobility, and Cognitive).
Gamification in D2L
Using badges and rewards (tied to actual, tangible rewards) to help organize and motivate students.
Trim the Fat: Using D2L Tools to Manage Cognitive Load:
How to structure your course in D2L to make sure learners are spending their cognitive load budget on the material, not trying to navigate around or understand assignment instructions, etc.
LCC vs. D2L Email
Why Two Accounts Diffrences between them and types of communication you can recieve How to Access Side-by-side comparisions Refer to D2L integration training
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