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4 - Code Documentation


While standard Wordpress site administration is relatively straightforward (and reasonably well documented), the eLearning Student and Instructor Resource Sites use several advanced features, including:
Custom Page Templates
Wordpress Shortcodes
PHP Scripting
Custom CSS Styling
Direct Administration using Adobe Dreamweaver
It is important that these features of site administration be documented and shared no only so that new administrators can be onboarded quickly, but so that in case of page failure, or necessary maintenance, there is some idea where to begin troubleshooting.
An important feature of this documentation is intended audience. While it may be of some use in day-to-day content adjustments and administration, it’s primary function is to serve as a reference if another individual were to take over full-time administration of the sites, so they could quickly understand key topics such as site structure, legacy code, etc.


Proper code documentation consists of two specific areas:
Code Commenting: annotating the code itself with what functions are being performed (i.e. “Here is a shortcode on this page, being used to display this list of links.”)
External Documentation: High-level overviews of how specific tools or code are used (i.e. “This is what a shortcode does, and here is how it’s syntax is structured.”)
This project will focus more on external documentation, with code commenting being reserved for main site pages or particularly complex areas of code. To comment all (or even a significant portion) of the website code would be a monumental (and unnecessary) task. The goal will be to provide a “working baseline” for all areas of the site.
Some of this documentation can and will be completed while working on other projects—some code commenting will happen for example when building the to document how that code functions should it need to be edited in the future. However, most of this project will be completed after all the Navigation, , and work has been tested and completed.

Research Questions

What are best practices for commenting code?
Language Use?
Performance Impact?
How should site/code documentation be stored and shared?
Code Documentation Tasks
Est. Effort
Tentative Deadline
Code Documentation Research
eLearning Site Code Analysis
Comment Website Code
Develop External Documentation
Share Developed Resources
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