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2 - Design / Category Evaluation


A key element of web design is ensuring that visitors:
Can easily determine what information is available on the site, and
Know where to navigate on the site to find that information
In order to ensure the most straightforward, usable experience for faculty and students, it is necessary to occasionally evaluate the web presence with their usage in mind, gather their input, and make adjustments to how information is categorized and displayed on the site.


After implementing the project, and using the previously created , an internal review of conent on the eLearning Instructor and Student Resource sites. We’ll look at all the pages, and determine if the categories we have for those pages are accurate, and if the pages are in the correct categories. Ideally such an evaluation would include data from the , though it’s likely this will not be relevant yet, as the data set will still be too small. So, evaluation will be completed using a activity.
Taking the information gathered from this activities, adjustments to site architecture and organization will be made. Depending on the feedback provided, this could range from simple, small adjustments like changing category names in the top-navigation, to completely reorganizing the content into different groupings, to adding/removing significant amounts of content.
After the adjustments are made to main navigation, we can begin to explore the organization of content within categories, to determine what pages are linked in lists/tables on various pages to ensure that we are presenting categories of information in the most user-friendly manner. See example of About Accessibility Below.
These categories will be evaluated on each page.

NOTE: This scope does not include redesigning the look and feel of the site, simply the organization of the information.

Research Questions

What information to faculty/students come to the eLearning sites for the most?
D2L Documentation, ID Help, Trainings, Contact Info
What tasks are faculty/students attempting to accomplish when they visit the eLearning sites?
What information do they assume might be there?
What information/tasks can’t they complete successfully by visiting the site? How are they directed to where they can complete their request?
Are there areas/pages of the site that are not used (either because they aren’t relevant, or are buried too deeply?
What are best practices for information architecture on the web?
Sub nav-no more than 3 menus
How do faculty/student needs differ?
Tasks 2
Est. Effort
Tentative Date
Card Sort Activiites
Synthesize Data
Reorganize Menus (Test)
eLearning Team Feedback / Adjustments
Category / List Evaluations
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