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Clickup - Project Management

Steps to set up your Clickup Views
Go to Settings in the bottom left corner and choose Notifications. Go through the list to make sure you are getting the important notices but are not overwhelmed by them.


Also known as “Kanban swimlanes”.
Managed per Space but can also be per folder and list, but we want to have the same statuses we always use, except for the Sprint folders, we don’t really want the “Cancelled” and “Backlog” options to show up to take up space on the boards.
To Do
The Initial and Default Status
(aka Work In Progress)
Working on Today
For all the misc items that we aren’t ready to do at this time but still want to in the future

Adding New Items

Since there are so many lists/buckets it can sometimes be confusing as to which list to add it so when it doubt just add it to the “Base List”


It’s important to group items so there aren’t so many top level tasks since many of them are sub-tasks. You can convert existing tasks to subtasks.

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