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Emails, Accounts, Users and Groups

Dealing with Accounts and Groups in Google/Gmail

Email Groups / Distro-Lists

These allow us to have an email go into several inboxes/accounts. For internal Cohere users we can also respond from these email addresses; see “CONFIGURING GMAIL TO SEND FROM YOUR GOOGLE GROUP” section for more details.
We use “Groups” for “Service-Accounts”, like for social media accounts and distribution-lists like “core@” so we should only have “User Accounts” for actual people.
Email Groups/Distribution Lists in Google are weird because they are essentially like “Google Groups” so they are more complicated than they should be.

To Add New People to a Group

Go to the Groups:
Click on the Group
Click on “Members” in the sidebar
Click on “Add members” button at the top


This only applies to users with @cohere.network email addresses. Even though external users can be added to groups so they can receive emails for it, they can’t respond from the group email address or send emails from it.
Go to
Click the gear icon in the upper-right and then click See all settings.
Click Accounts and click Add another email address in the “Send mail as” section.
Enter the email address of your Google Group, leave Treat as an alias checked, and click Next step.
Click the Send Verification button to receive an email confirmation. This message will go to the Google Group.
Close the window.
Return to your (or your Gmail inbox if your Google Group subscription is set to email you) to click the verification link. Click the Confirm button when prompted.
Now when sending new messages from your Gmail account, you can select either your Gmail account or your Google Group email address as the sender in the From field.


Email Groups Setup

Collaborative Inbox:
(just replace the “core” part to whatever the first part of the email address is, like “social”)
Groups Management:
When setting up new groups, you can keep all the default settings, but make sure to:
Check “External” is selected for “Contact Owners”
Check “External” is selected for “Publish Posts”
switch on “allow members outside of organization” which is required to allow members outside of the org to email the group. (See screenshot below.)

The Key to Setting Up Email Groups so External Users can Email Us

Direct Link to settings:
(just replace the “social” part to whatever the first part of the email address is, like “core”)

Aliases for Google Groups

Have to come through the admin.google.com site

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