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Passwords/Accounts Management

The main goal of using a password manager is so that we have unique auto-generated passwords for each account and so that we can securely share them with others. (Messaging apps are not appropriate for sharing passwords.)?
You should never reuse passwords because if one place where it's used is compromised then all the other places are too. ?(There are hacked password databases anyone can easily buy.)?
You can and should store secure notes in your password manager, such as credit card or passport numbers/scans, to have a secure record of them.?
Auto-Generated Passwords means you won’t be able to remember them so you’re copying and pasting them, instead of typing them BUT the password manager’s browser extension should be able to auto-fill for you.?
When you manually enter a login into a browser, it should prompt you to save it into the password-manager?(make sure the password manager is unlocked)?
You can NOT change your master password once it's set up so please make sure that you have created a strong password (meaning at least 10 characters, including numbers and special characters) that you’ve never used before and that you can remember or have it saved somewhere safe. (BitWarden is a great open source password manager for personal use that you can use to ?
The password manager stays in an encrypted state when not locked, so even if your computer or the password manager’s website is compromised, your passwords are safe. ?(Quick Tip: Window + L is the shortcut to lock your computer, which is a good habit for whenever you step away from it.)?
You will share your password manager login, which includes your Email-Address, “Secret-Key” and Password, with core+pass@cohere.network account so that if something happens to you one of the core members can login to your account.?See Sharing Your 1Password Login with the Master-Account below?
core+pass@cohere.network account is used as the master/admin account and all the core team members should have a shared password to this. Once your account is set up the admin will share a login to this.?
We are using 1Password because it was deemed to be the most secure, feature-rich and affordable (great price-to-value ratio) password manager for teams at the time (2021-11). ?
1Password has native Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps along with browser extensions, which are highly recommended. These allow you to have your passwords available even when you’re offline. ?Download them from:
Install the Native Client before the browser-extension?
Export all your Passwords from your browser and Import them into 1Password. It should automatically prompt you when you install the browser extension, but if it doesn’t then follow this guide: ??

!Important - Save your Secret-Key!

When setting up your 1Password account make sure to download your “Emergency Kit” when it presents you with the link to download it, because it has your “Secret-Key”, which you will need to save in a secure location, like YOUR-OWN Drive. ??You will need the “Secret-Key” to sign in on new devices. There is also a QR Code to make it easy to sign in on new devices. ??


An admin will go into the password manager portal to add you as a user ?(with just your email address)
You will receive an email from 1Password.com
Follow the steps to setup and confirm your account
Please see the points above about picking a really good, unique but easy to remember password since you will be entering it a lot to unlock your password database.
Share your Password and Security Key with the Master-Account
See “Sharing Your 1Password Login with the Master-Account”

Shared Accounts

For social media and other Cohere single-user accounts we use the “Shared” feature, which is the button next to the “Save” button at the bottom. This will share it with everyone in the group. We can set up different groups to have more control over sharing with groups of different levels.

Sharing Your 1Password Login with the Master-Account

These are essentially the same steps you would use to manually add a new login.
Click the “New Item” button in the Password Manager and select “Login”??
Enter the username (your email address), Password AND Secret-Key in the “Notes”?
Share it with core+pass@cohere.network
Click hamburger Menu at the top right corner and select “Share”?
Change the Share Options to “Available to Some People”
Click on “Add Email”
Enter core+pass@cohere.network
Click the “Get Link to Share” button
Email that Link to core+pass@cohere.network

Settings for Not Having to Re-Enter Your 1Password Constantly

In the Password Manager go to Settings > Security and then uncheck “Auto-Lock” and change “Lock after the system is idle for” but keep in mind that this compromises security. ?(Remember to lock your computer using Win + L shortcut when stepping away.)

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