The Ultimate Coda Handbook for Sales Teams

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4. Sales OS

A productivity strategy for consolidating your tools, hubs, and rituals.
At this point, we’ve seen how Sales teams use , , and to drive efficiency. Taken individually, each of these can accelerate sales productivity. But together, you are on your way to driving world-class sales execution for your team.
Savvy leaders will probably have noticed that each of these tools uses similar building blocks, recombined in unique ways. Coda is flexible and powerful enough to tackle a long tail of sales use cases, far beyond the three listed above. Stepping back, this offers a unique opportunity to reimagine a sales productivity stack.
That brings us to the final way to maximize your value in Coda: consolidate your tools, hubs and rituals into a Sales OS.
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Why should you care? A Sales OS cuts costs while boosting productivity.

⚡ Enhance

Enhance the value of your tools and CRM data by bringing them into the collaborative workspace.
✅ Improve CRM adherence
🔽 Reduce context switching

💸 Reduce

Reduce costly view-only licenses by embracing collaborative, transparent Coda docs
✅ Increase transparency
🔽 Decrease tool spend

🗑️ Replace

Replace siloed, niche tools with simple Coda templates for your core sales rituals and processes
✅ Improve productivity
🔽 Decrease tool spend
This quote has always struck me from one of our largest fintech customers as the goal we have for all organizations adopting Coda as their work OS of choice:
“Our procurement team has decided that they won't approve any new apps without first verifying that they can't be built in Coda first"
CISO, Fintech Co.
Your experience with Coda is limited only by your team’s creativity. I’m excited to see what you create!

How to optimize your Sales OS.

There is a lot of variation to what a Sales OS means to every company, but zooming out there are three common steps to building one that works for you, leveraging one of our favorite templates for driving alignment: $100 voting.

1. Take inventory of your existing people, process, and tools.

2. Use dollar voting to decide what to keep and what to cut.

3. Browse templates for key rituals that improve productivity (while cutting niche tools).

You’ve heard this refrain before:. “Hyped Software XYZ” can replace all the tools you use for enablement, prospecting, forecasting, and more.” The main question you want an answer to is this: What makes Coda different when they say they can replace all these sales tools?
The answer is simple: Coda cannot 100% replace the functionality of all these tools.
What we can say is this: Coda can typically accomplish the handful of features your team is using the most in each sales tool at a fraction of the (mental, and $) cost.
Below are some examples to get you thinking about the possibilities of Coda. Have an idea that’s not listed here? Check out the , or reach out to our team to see how we can turn your ad hoc sales process into a reusable Coda template!
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💬 Let’s keep the conversation going!

If you are a leader who’s figuring out how to optimize your sales processes, we’d love to take some of the work off your plate.

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