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Your cross-functional update for:
Q1 2023

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From the CEO: Figma Config Talk


🌆 Ecosystem

More support for your RFPs! 🎉

The RFP Team has updated - here’s what you need to know:
This change was made to accommodate for smaller deals with a high chance of winning to receive adequate support and shift from the deal size as the primary evaluation metric to focus on the chance of winning the business.
Other factors that are taken into account are: time to submission in days, relationship with the
Please see this overview for .

🔦 10x Grid

EMEA Enablement Hub

If you're looking for recordings and resources from past Enablement Sessions take a look at our newly revamped . Browse by solution or by your CU to find relevant resources from sessions you missed or would like to revisit or rewatch.
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🍦 Superserve

Business Case of the Month

As we mapped out the talk, we came up with a few clear guidelines. We wanted the talk to be “mostly stories and rituals” and not narrative or framework — so we tagged each line with a category. We decided to focus on 3 types of meetings, and we knew there was a natural bias towards Catalyst rituals (for some reason, decision making meetings bring out some very rich rituals) so we wanted to actively balance between all 3. And of course we wanted to balance speaking time between the two of us. Since we were using our “words per second” sliders to calculate the duration of each talking point, it was easy to add a few charts to watch this balance:

💰 Deal Desk

Q1 Resources

Resources to help you at Quarter-End:

🍎 Core Product


Yuhki and I also had “one more thing” to end the talk:
The Coda and Figma teams have been working together on a really fun Coda/FigJam integration.
There’s now a Figma widget so you can quickly turn stickies in FigJam into a table in Coda. The widget is bidirectionally editable, which means things like your +1s will show up in both places.
And a second thing: You can now embed full Figmas and FigJams as pages in Coda — so your product, design, and eng teams can now see everything from specs to designs in a single team hub.
Learn more at:

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