Account Transfers

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Account Transfers

A smoother, more automated process for transferring customers.
When a CSM leaves for another opportunity, it’s always a scramble to collect notes on each of their customers, then reassign those customers evenly amongst the rest of the team.
At my last job, we ran this process out of Google Sheets. It was not the most user friendly experience. First, we would export a list of all the leaving CSM’s customers from our CRM into Google sheets. We’d add in columns for them to take notes. These notes had no structure to them - just anything that came to mind.
Then, we’d have a second, unconnected Google Sheet that showed our team’s capacity. We would compare the two sheets to determine which account would be assigned to which CSM.
Finally, we would manually update each account in SFDC with the new CSM.
With Coda, we can bring this entire process into one doc.
We can import the accounts that need to be transferred and the team’s capacity into the same doc - . Within a single screen - - we can easily distribute accounts among the existing CSMs and see - in real time - how it impacts their books of business.
Rather than taking ad-hoc, unstructured notes, we can provide a for the leaving CSM to fill out. This ensures that we capture everything we anticipate needing to know about the account.
The new CSMs can come into the page, filter for their name, and easily see what accounts are being transferred to them, and the relevant notes.
Finally, back on the page, if this doc is linked to our CRM instance via a pack, we can push the new CSM update back to our CRM with the click of a button.
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