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A fast, standardized worksheet for qualifying deals

A successful sales process starts with a strong qualification process.

High performing sales teams use MEDDICC to help prioritize leads and qualify the opportunities that are most likely to convert. The MEDDICC acronym stands for:
Economic buyer
Decision criteria
Decision process
Identified pain
This worksheet gives a structured way for sales teams to think through the framework. For AE’s, it provides an easy exercise for rating each critical item. For sales leaders, it outputs a consistent opportunity score.
The impact: maximize sales potential with higher quality opportunities.

This template works smarter with Salesforce.

If you have custom fields tracking MEDDICC scores in Salesforce, you can use Coda’s to make changes directly to an Opportunity.
That means less context switching and more transparency: AE’s can qualify opportunities and update Salesforce without switching between tabs. That means better hygiene and more visibility for sales leaders.
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