The Ultimate Coda Handbook for Sales Teams

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3. Mutual Action Hubs

The only link your prospect needs to get the deal done
You have a Mutual Action Plan for your deals so you can stay aligned with your prospects and customers. Typically, the Mutual Action Plan is a link that you send to a prospect at some point during the deal cycle. But the problem is that it is not the only link, it is one of many links that you and your prospect have to keep track of. There is not a single place for your prospect to go: they have a spreadsheet with a timeline, slides with information, emails with notes and follow-ups, PDFs and videos of marketing material, etc.
“Making sure that you and your prospects are on the same page during a deal cycle is critical. As you send them more and more links, it makes it harder to stay aligned.”
Mutual Action Plans need to evolve from a number of links you share to a hub that brings everything together. It contains timelines, activities, owners, PDFs and videos, meeting notes, and all of the information that is relevant between you and your prospects, and even your partners. Every asset your prospect needs to make a decision has a home in this hub. Your sales cycle may be complex but the one link your prospect would need to access is this hub.

Ineffective mutual action plans destroy deal momentum


Leaders can’t see all of the information and sequence of events in one place.


AEs struggle to keep their internal and external sales partners on the same page.


Customers are tasked with trying to keep track of all of the information you share.

What forward-thinking sales teams value most about Coda:

It is the ‘one link’ that allows them to stay organized and on the same page as customers

Through the course of a sales cycle and partnership, you send a lot of information to your customer. This places an expectation on them to keep it together and organized. Inevitably a new person is brought into the evaluation and you hope they are able to find all of the information, assets, and context on their own.
Coda allows your teams to create a consistent, easy-to-use, all-in-one hub for you to coordinate with your customers and partners. No more hoping they can find everything—they just open the Mutual Action Hub.

Templates create consistency across your team.

One team has a spreadsheet they share with customers. Another has a project management task list. A different team sends a lot of emails and have a shared drive link.
Turn every account team into your best performing account team. Coda allows you to create a standardized template so that you can create consistency for how your teams operate, allowing you to take the best practices from your highest performing teams and make sure everyone is utilizing them.

Integrate with all of the tools you need.

The fundamental reason for the sprawl of information is that all of the products that you need to use along the way don’t seamlessly integrate. The best you can do in this situation is manually add links to a spreadsheet or doc—which is inefficient and takes time away from higher value activities.
Coda integrates with over 600 tools through our native and allows you to directly in Coda. It is the true all-in-one platform.

Coda for mutual action plans: Where you work will determine how you work.

😞 From this...


🤩 To this!

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We built our Mutual Action Plans in Coda that we share with all our prospects and customers. It brought together what used to be dozens of spreadsheets, slides, reports, videos, etc., into a centralized place to make sure we are all on the same page. There is no going back now!”
Sales Leader @ Intercom

Ready to get started?

Start small with a readymade Mutual Action Hub template. Then customize and scale to your team’s needs.

1. Try: Start from a Mutual Action Hub template.

We’ve created a template that you can copy and customize for your own team, or reach out to us for help!

2. Customize. Build out the bespoke action plan that drives your prospect forward.

Working deals is a complex symphony of different internal and external stakeholders. The mutual action plan lets you bring in the important players while keeping the most important information front and center for everyone.

3. Scale: A plan that grows from intra-quarter deal to multi-year deployment.

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