User Manual

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Placing a single order

1. Click on Single Shipment button at the top of the screen


2. In the Pick up block you can either choose your standard location or select "Other address" and fill in the information for a one-time collection.

2. Pick Up .png

3. In the Drop Off block you need to fill in all the recipient information

*Dropoff instructions are visible only to the courier and are there to provide information like "Leave at the reception".
**If you do not find an area that you need in the list of areas, choose the one that is the next to it.

4. The Parcel block:

4. Parcel.png
Your order reference - here you can either type in your order ID or any random number
Size and Weight - choose package size depending on the weight and size of your package
Select payment type:
Prepaid - select this option if the customer has already paid through the website or via other way of transfer
Pay on delivery - select this option if Quiqup courier has to collect the payment from the customer. You will need to specify the total amount that the courier will have to charge your customer (order amount + delivery charge).

5. Delivery options
5. Delivery Options.png
Choose the respective delivery option:

Same Day
Next Day
*If the delivery option does not apply to the dropoff area or it is past the cut off time, then the delivery option will be disabled

6. Place the order:


What if you have several boxes in one order

1.On the home page, go to “actions” on the right and click on the eye (view order details).

2. Once you’re on the page, click on “edit” near shipment number
3. Then click on “Add new parcel”. Add as many parcels as you have in your order.
Untitled (2).png
4. Go back to live orders and you will see the order as “pending.”

7. Downloading the label

On the homepage to your right press Download label. Print the label and attach it to your order.
For guidelines on packaging please refer to 'link'
8. Making order ready for collection
When the order is ready to be shipped and the label is attached, select the order by checking the box to your left and press Ready for collection at the top right corner.

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