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Billing and Cash on Delivery

Every period end, you get an email from
The email has a few items:
Invoice for the fees charged by Quiqup
Delivery report showing orders completed and the respective fees charged
Credit note for the cash collected on your behalf
Cash on Delivery (COD) schedule detailed the orders where we collected cash on your behalf


The invoice shows the total delivery fees and VAT changed for the period. The fees are broken down by service type. These will reconcile to the delivery report shows each delivery and the fee charged for it. Payment is expected within 7 days of invoice to the bank account.
Account Name: Quiqup Delivery LLC Bank Name: RAKBANK Oud Metha Branch Account Number : 0182923174001 IBAN : AE840400000182923174001 SWIFT CODE: NRAKAEAK
All historic invoices can be downloaded directly in your Quiqdash platform from .

COD remittance

In addition, you will receive a credit note which shows the cash that was collected on your behalf and a corresponding report which shows every order, the amount collected, payment mode (card or cash) and the fee charged on that payment.
When you are ready to receive payout of the COD amount and provided you are in agreement with the details shown in the report, you can request payout by clicking the button in the email. This will initiate the payment process. Please note that you can expect the remittance to take a maximum of one week with cash transfers taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
All historic credit notes can be downloaded directly in your Quiqdash platform from .

Self service

Your Quiqdash account stores your past invoicing and Cash on Delivery information. Simply navigate to to see all historic invoices and credit notes which can be directly downloaded if needed.

Queries, comments or changes

If you have any invoicing, pricing or COD queries, please reach out to us via email at . We will usually get back to you within a couple of hours. Please note that our working hours are Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 17:30.

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