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Packaging guidelines


At Quiqup, we know proper packaging can help ensure that your shipments arrive safely. So we offer general packaging guidelines — from measuring and weighing your package, to packing methods, sealing and labelling instructions, and guidelines for restricted shipments.

Quiqup Guidelines

With Quiqup Delivery services, you can ship packages up to 20 kg; up to 50cm in length and 50cm in length and girth.
We are charging additional for every order that is weighted more than 5 kg’s (contact your Account Manager for more information).
You may use your own packaging if the boxes are sturdy and undamaged with all flaps intact. Quiqup can provide you with Quiqup branded pouches (request it from your Account Manager or from live support - phone 04 512 6212.
Every pouch/box/parcel that you are sending needs to have a printed AWB label on it. Quiqup Delivery services & the collection courier will reject any order that does not have AWB on it.
One box, pouch, envelope and etc is considered as one order
In the case, that an order has more than one item in the order, please add the number of items in your order by selecting “edit” under Shipment number and “add parcel” (example: 17246044-1, 17246044-2) . Please note, all additional items should be labeled accordingly.

DO’s & DONT’s


Packaging Guidelines by Category
Package Material
Packaging Guidelines
Glass, Porcelain picture frames, Clocks, Mirrors
Bubble wrap, double boxing
Bubble wrap items individually with cushioning
Add orientation and fragile labelling
Soaps, Spray bottles, Lotions
Poly-bag box wrapping
For liquids without double seal, tighten the lid, wrap the container in a fully sealed strong plastic bag or plastic sheet and tightly seal all the seams
Apparels, Fabric, Textile
Towels, Clothing, Purses
Poly-bag box wrapping
Place the unit in a transparent poly-bag to protect to protect it from damage due to dust and dirt
Pack the unit in a six-cornered corrugated box
Consumer Electronics
Mobiles, MP3 players, Camera, Electric shavers
Bubble wrap, poly-bag double boxing
Batteries or cells must be separated to prevent short circuit
Any devices with installed batteries must be turned off during transport
Small cell bubble sheet, could be used for additional protection
Double boxing with sufficient cushioning could be used to ensure no damage to the product
Toys and Baby Products
Teething rings, Toy weapons, Exposed toys
Poly-bag box wrapping
Units that are not contained in a sealed, six-edged package, must be placed in a sealed poly-bag.
Jiffy bags or padded envelopes, ¼ bubble sheet or craft paper
Small cell bubble sheet can be used to ensure surface protection and scuffing resistance
Additional packaging in jiffy bags or padded envelopes or corrugated boxes may be needed depending on size
Sharp Objects
Scissors, Tools, Knives
Box packing, Bubble wrap blister packing
Use blister packing whenever possible
Wrap the unit in protective bubble wrap and further pack it in a side-edged corrugated box
There are no rows in this table

Shipping Label & Paperwork

The printout of the label must be clear and readable. Barcodes should be scannable.
The size of the label should not be resized or altered while printing.
Shipping labels must be affixed on the flat side of packaging (Barcode & To/From address must be visible clearly on the face of the package).
Shipping labels must be affixed on the most visible / largest side of the package. Ensure that the shipping label is not folded along any edge of the package.
Shipping labels must not have any additional markings.

4 Easy Steps For Perfect Packaging


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