User Manual

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Bulk Upload

1. Click on Bulk Upload button at the top of the screen


2. Click on Download CSV Template.


3. Open the Template-Orders.csv in Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

Fill in the template as following:
Order number - here you can either type in your order ID or any random number
Customer name - the name of your customer in any format
Mobile - your customer's phone number.
*Only 9 digits, no spaces or special characters
Address - your customer's address. Please, make it as accurate as possible
City - your customer's city
Area - area of the customer's address. To find out the respective area, please refer to
COD - If your order is prepaid put 0. If it is COD,specify the total amount that a courier will have to collect from your customer (order amount + delivery charge).
Delivery Instructions - this field is only visible to the courier and is there to provide information like "Leave at the reception". If you do not have any instructions - leave it blank.
Service Type - please fill in the field with one of the following service types (please, use the exact same naming as written below):
4 Hours
Same Day
Next Day

Save the document as a CSV file.

4. Uploading

Upload your CSV file by dragging and dropping it to the Bulk Upload Page.


5. Downloading the label.

After successfully uploading the CSV file, press Download Labels. Print the labels and attach them to your orders.


5. If you have more than one box/parcel in an order, please refer

6.Making orders ready for collection

When the orders are ready to be shipped and the labels are attached,select the orders by checking the boxes to your left and press Ready for collection at the top right corner.
Want to print your doc?
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