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Owning a Spacer provides you with additional utility beyond just showing it off to your friends. After a lot of brainstorming, a large list of possible sources of utility was determined, which we narrowed down to the following to start:
Special space for Spacers on Subsocial that increased visibility of spacers posts in “Hot Posts”
Free energy every week on , allowing usage of the platform without any fees (note that this could be reverted by on-chain governance in the future, and depends on RMRK pallets - you can learn more below)
Your comments on PolkaVerse will be highlighted according to the rarity of your Spacer
Access to premium features on , such as your Spacer hiding your profile from prying eyes
The ability to register a .spacer domain for free (depends on RMRK pallets - you can learn more below)
Access to emoji statuses on your profile picture
Entry to a closed VIP Discord server for
Show off your Spacer on and PolkaVerse by setting it as your avatar
We can start working on implementing most of these right away, but the .spacer domains and free energy will have to wait until we can add RMRK’s pallets to Subsocial’s parachain and migrate the Spacer NFTs over to our chain. The expected order of these implementations can be found in the , which is subject to change.
We have many more ideas for possible avenues of utility, and expect more to be thought of by the time we finish with these. By taking advantage of the unique features of Substrate and the Dotsama ecosystem, we can do all sorts of cool things that have never been done before!

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