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How To Get A Spacer Pod

Interested in acquiring a Spacer but don’t know where to get started? We’ve got you covered.
Install a wallet with EVM compatibility such as or (also available on mobile).
Next, you will need to acquire at least 5.1 Moonriver (MOVR) tokens (the cheapest Pod is 5 MOVR, plus some for gas fees). The easiest method is to purchase MOVR through Talisman’s Buy Crypto page (this option is not available to everyone, depending on your country), but you can also use a centralized exchange such as KuCoin or Binance.
Once you have MOVR in your wallet, head over to the , select the type of Pod you want, and complete the order form. Do note that there are multiple sale rounds, and only the last round is publicly accessible. You can learn more about the rounds on the page.
Wait until the Pod reveal, when you will be able to open your Pod and receive the Spacer inside. Once you have your Spacer, you can start taking advantage of its utility and getting the perfect equipment for your tastes. In the meantime, your Spacer Pod will get you access to .
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