Update Your Partner Code

While the Pod sale is still live, you can update the partner code attached to you Pod(s), or add a partner code if you didn’t use one on the sale page.

Open the smart contract for the rarity of the Pod you purchased:

2. Go to “Read Contract”

3. Check the ID of your NFT in ownedTokens(#24): ​
Here the ID is “1”

4. You can also check if you used any code originally by entering the id of your token into memoOf(#23)

5. To add a partner code or change the previously used one, open the “Write Contract” tab and Connect Metamask

6. Find updateMemo (#16):

7. Put your tokenId in first input and this text{"code":"YOUR-PARTNER-CODE"} to second input, replacing YOUR-PARTNER-CODE with the partner code you wish to use.
For example, {"code":"SOCIAL"} .

8. Click “Write” and sign the transaction
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