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Spacer Squads

Spacer Squads are on-chain groups of Spacers showing loyalty and support for their favorite project. Becoming a member of a Spacer Squad is as simple as equipping the corresponding shoulder patch. Spacers can equip and unequip different patches in order to change Squads.
The initial shoulder patch distribution will happen as a result of being entered during the Pod sale. Around 40 projects from the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems have signed up for a Spacer Squad, and they will provide their communities with partner codes that can be used when buying a Pod. Anyone that purchases a Pod with a partner code will be airdropped one or more patches corresponding to that project (and their canary net in some cases) shortly after the Pods open.
Spacer Squads are sub-communities within focused on providing support for their favorite projects. One possible avenue here is essentially lobbying to use some of the DAO’s treasury funds to fund initiatives that will support their favorite projects, which can also partner with their Spacer Squad for tasks, or give them special airdrops for their support.
Over time, the role of Spacer Squads in general, and within , will organically evolve to meet the needs of the community.

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