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Sale Details

The Spacers Pod sale will take place across three rounds, held on the .

Sale Rounds

The Spacers Pod sale is split into three rounds. Please note that the sale can sell out at any time, as there are no per-account buy limits. Participants in earlier rounds have better chances at securing Pods. The rounds, eligibility criteria, and timeframes are as follows:
The Kokopelli Round
This round will be for those that burn Kokopelli gems, allowing them early access to the sale. The Kokopelli round will begin on October 26th at 2PM UTC, and will last for 3 days, until October 29th at 2PM UTC.
The Early Supporters Round
This round will be for select early supporters of Subsocial and select Dotsama communities, such as contributors to our crowdloan, owners of our (excluding the crowdloan banners, ownership snapshot on October 25th at 1PM UTC), Subsocial-themed Kusama Dragons (snapshotted 8AM UTC October 14th), Subsocial power users, and more. Eligible participants will be notified of their eligibility for this round, which will start on October 29th at 2PM UTC, and last for 3 days, until November 1st at 2PM UTC.
The whitelist contains both EVM addresses and Substrate addresses. All users will be asked to connect their EVM wallet (such as Metamask). If their EVM address is not whitelisted, they will be asked to connect their Substrate wallet. If either their EVM or Substrate address is whitelisted, they will be able to participate in this round.
The Public Round
The final round is open to anyone, will begin on November 1st at 2PM UTC, and will close on January 2nd at 2PM UTC. Any Pods not sold by then will be split between the SpacerDAO treasury and the Subsocial team (for future fundraising), with 70% going to the SpacerDAO treasury.
Again, please note that there are no buy limits. It is possible for the Pods to sell out before you are eligible to buy one, so please be prepared for this.


The price of Spacer Pods will remain the same during all rounds of the sale.
Marines: 5 MOVR each
Officers: 20 MOVR each
Captains: 100 MOVR each
Admirals: 500 MOVR each

If you do not have any MOVR, please see for instructions.
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