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This roadmap was developed according to the initial utility avenues we are planning to bring to Spacers. It is subject to change depending on technical requirements and scheduling changes, but here is the order we expect:
Set up SpacerDAO discord ✅
Pod sale ✅
Pods open ✅
Launched on Moonbeam ✅

The Spacers roadmap project is temporarily on hold as we explore better ways to integrate the gamified NFT collection with our other products.

As you may have noticed, free energy and .spacer domain registrations from the Utility list are missing from this roadmap. Those features depend on us adding RMRK’s pallets to Subsocial’s parachain and migrating the Spacer NFTs from Moonriver to our chain, and we do not have an idea yet on when that will be possible.
Once governance is set up, this roadmap may change, depending on the DAO’s governance actions.

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