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What are NFTs?

NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens, meaning that each one is unique from the next. Individual NFTs contain metadata that usually points to a file (such as an image or video) stored on a private/public server, or a decentralized storage solution like IPFS. So far, most NFTs are simple images or videos that cannot be edited or changed, but there are some, like NFTs built with the RMRK 2.0 standard, that can be much more.

What are RMRK NFTs?

RMRK NFTs are built using the RMRK 2.0 NFT standard, which the RMRK team describes as, “ETERNALLY liquid. FORWARD compatible. Nested, conditional, & Multi-resourced NFTs.Essentially, they solve all of the problems with traditional NFTs.
With RMRK’s NFT standard, we can create NFTs that function like characters in a video game, capable of equipping and unequipping items (which are also NFTs) and storing them in an inventory. This allows users to buy and sell different items to create their perfect Spacer. Plus, in the future, we can create more items, either on our own, or in collaboration with other projects and artists.
Because RMRK NFTs can feature multiple resources, a particular item can even be equipped by NFTs from an entirely different collection! Simply add a new resource with the relevant art for equipping it in that collection, and you’re good to go.
You can read more about the RMRK technology on their .

What is Singular?

Singular is the premier NFT marketplace in the Kusama ecosystem, and where Spacers and their items will be traded after the Pods open. It is operated by the RMRK team and supports their RMRK 2.0 NFT standard. The Spacer Pod sale will take place on Moonriver, with Pods priced in MOVR tokens.

How do Spacers interact with Subsocial?

Owning a Spacer provides a variety of utility in the Subsocial ecosystem, such as getting some free energy every day, and increased visibility of your posts on Subsocial’s web dapp. Additionally, owners can equip their Spacer as their profile picture on Subsocial’s web dapp and to show it off to the world. For a full rundown on the utilities provided by Spacers, please read the page.

What is a Spacer Pod?

A Spacer Pod contains a Spacer. Pods will be sold in the initial sale, and will open to reveal the Spacer inside after the sale ends. Pods have four . From most common to most rare they are Marine, Officer, Captain, and Admiral. The artwork for each Pod signifies its rarity based on the number of stars shown, with Marines having one star and Admirals having four stars.
The only certainty when buying a Pod is the rarity of the Spacer that it contains. Individual traits and equipment will be randomized based upon the Spacer’s rarity when the pod is open, making the contents a mystery until then.

How are the Spacer rarities different?

Spacer rarities are different in two primary ways:
A Spacer will have a different number of equippable slots depending on their rarity. Marines have 6 equippable slots, Officers have 7, Captains have 8, and Admirals have 9. This means that certain items can only be equipped by the higher rarity Spacers.
Spacers of a higher rarity are more likely to possess items when their pod opens.
More details about rarity can be found on the page.

When will the Pods open?

Once all of the finishing touches are made to the artwork and the technical side of the process is ready, the Pods will open to reveal the Spacers inside. We expect this to take place in Q1 2023.

How many Pods are there? How many Spacers will there be?

There are 10,000 Pods, which each container a single Spacer, for a total of 10,000 Spacers.

How many Pods are for sale?

9,914 Pods will be for sale - 8,962 Marine Pods, 863 Officer Pods, 79 Captain Pods, and 10 Admiral Pods. The other 86 Pods have been reserved by the Subsocial team for giveaways, marketing purposes, and a small team allocation. Any unsold Pods will be used to help bootstrap the SpacerDAO treasury. Further details can be seen on the page.

What are rarities? What do they mean?

The Spacers collection has two different categories: Spacers and Items.
Item rarity simply signifies how many of that particular item exist, and how rare it is compared to other items that can go in that slot. For example, there will be 10,000 Spacer heads, but only around 750 of those heads will be “Opal” heads - this is rare.
On the other hand, Spacer rarity dictates how many slots a Spacer has, and how likely it is to have an item in a certain slot when its Pod is opened. For example, an Admiral is more likely to have a visor than a Marine, and an Admiral is able to equip a gauntlet, while a Marine is not, because only Admirals have the gauntlet slot.
More information on rarities and their differences can be found on the page.

How many items are there? Will more be created?

Initially, there will be around 340 items, including all of the fixed parts (the bodies and belts). More items will be created down the line by SKULLZ, the artist behind the Spacers. It is also likely that more items will be created in collaboration with other artists and collections.
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