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SpacerDAO is the home of all Spacers, regardless of their rank and Spacer Squad membership.
The purpose of SpacerDAO is to aid in fostering a community around the Spacers collection, and eventually take on a life of its own. Additionally, SpacerDAO and Subsocial will work together to create a positive cycle of benefits for each other. Spacers gain utility from Subsocial, thus increasing their value, while in return the DAO can work to improve and grow the Subsocial ecosystem and its members.
SpacerDAO will feature a treasury that will be bootstrapped with SUB, and 70% of any Spacer Pods that are left over after the sale ends (the treasury and any Spacers it holds will not vote in governance). This treasury will also be funded by a percentage of royalties from the collection. The vision is that the DAO will have enough assets and revenue to fund community development and activities, with the best interests of the DAO, Spacers NFT collection, and Subsocial ecosystem in mind.
Due to the utility of owning a Spacer, and the perks of SpacerDAO membership, owning a Spacer transforms you into an elite member of the social network of tomorrow.
In the future, we plan to use InvArch’s technology to truly decentralize SpacerDAO and run it on-chain. In this scenario, it is likely that different rarities of Spacers will have different levels of voting power.

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