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Distribution & Treasury

This page will cover the initial distribution of the Spacers collection and describe the function of the SpacerDAO treasury.


The Spacers collection will contain 10,000 Spacer NFTs, consisting of 9,000 Marines, 900 Officers, 90 Captains, and 10 Admirals. The Subsocial team has reserved 38 Marines, 37 Officers, and 11 Captains for giveaways, marketing purposes, and a small team allocation.
During the initial Pod sale, the remaining 8,962 Marines, 863 Officers, 79 Captains, and 10 Admirals will be available.
70% of the Pods remaining after the sale will be added to the SpacerDAO treasury (the other 30% will go to the Subsocial team for future fundraising).

SpacerDAO Treasury

The treasury will be bootstrapped and funded from three sources:
70% of Spacer Pods left over after the sale concludes
5,000,000 SUB (0.5% of the total supply) from Subsocial’s Airdrop’s & Claims token allocation
50% of the royalties from secondary market trades

The SpacerDAO treasury has three primary use cases:
Absorbing any potential excess supply at the start of the collection
Expanding the collection in the future at a rate slow enough to not adversely affect Spacer holders
Fund development of the DAO and Spacer community, and the Subsocial ecosystem at large
Spacers in the treasury will not participate in Spacer DAO governance votes.
The bottom line, and the ultimate goal of the treasury, is to increase the total value of the collection itself.

Note: The Subsocial team will receive 30% of any unsold Pods after the sale. The team will either sell these to the SpacerDAO treasury at a future point in time, or release them into the market at a rate slow enough to not adversely affect Spacer holders and SpacerDAO.
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