Circle Visioning Process
Sean's Reference

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Visioning Overview

Goals for Process
Outcome: Craft clear, compelling and sticky vision for our circles for the next year
Answer the questions:
Embodies specific answers to how we are living our core mission statements
How is cultivating spiritual resiliency and depth a core to the work
How do the circles relate to the rest of / all church activities
What collective leadership is needed
How we manage the polarity between breadth and depth
How small groups interact
How newcomers are integrated
Creative collective ownership in the vision
Unleash energy and drive
Engage a broad swatch of our community especially families

Circle Leaders
Engaged Circle Participants
Highly Engaged Church Members Not Engaged in Circles
Families with young kids
Staff (Family Ministry team, Kristen, Gretchen)
Bridged out Teens

Lead team use Design Challenge process to frame the design challenge
Personal Pain and community hurt
Engagement with stakeholders engaging the design challenge
Refinement of feedback & prototyping
Present to Circle Leads
Refine and work on rollout

Outline design process & materials
Find time for meeting
Send out invitations & pre-work

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