Circle Visioning Process

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Meeting Agenda: June 3rd

“Understand that the task is to shift the demand for the right answer to the search for the right question.”
Peter Block,

Chalice Lighting

“The key to creating or transforming community, then, is to see the power in the small but important elements of being with others. The shift we seek needs to be embodied in each invitation we make, each relationship we encounter, and each meeting we attend. For at the most operational and practical level, after all the thinking about policy, strategy, mission, and milestones, it gets down to this: How are we going to be when we gather together?” ― Peter Block “Community: The Structure of Belonging”
Foothills Values, Mission, Vision
Values: How are we embedding our deepest values of Joyful Resilience, Collective Courage, Deepening Belonging & Transcendent Wonder throughout this time?
Mission: How are we called to be faithful to our mission of unleashing courageous love, in this moment, and in this place?
Vision: How are we striving to realize the bold visions of our congregation?
Statement 1: Foothills is a vital part of the lives of its people, providing abundant opportunities for relationships across differences that provide joy, care, and belonging for all.
Statement 2: We are actively engaged in a process of lifelong spiritual deepening that allows us to live lives of meaning and purpose in a world that needs our Unitarian Universalism.
Statement 5: We recognize and dismantle prejudice and oppression in all their forms, including within ourselves, allowing us to be more effective and trusted partners to marginalized communities in Northern Colorado and beyond.
Statement 7: We do the work to make Unitarian Universalism accessible to all in Northern Colorado.


Foothills Connection
What would make you come more deeply alive?
Use a word of phrase that stuck with you from the values, mission and vision

Our Task and Role

One Sentence: What question, when posed, will unleash a creative process of discovery, ownership, and energy, of how Foothills will boldly live our mission and vision?
🖼️ Phase 1: Framing the Challenge
The design team will help articulate the opportunity/challenge/problem, frame the questions, understand the scope and the constraints.
💡 Phase 2: Gathering Insights
The team will facilitate the gathering of insights from stakeholders within our community to inform the vision.
🛠️ Phase 3: Prototyping A Vision
From these insights, the team will assemble a prototype (engaging with key stakeholders for their feedback)
🎙️ Phase 4: Communicating Vision and Rolling Out Design
From that prototype the team will work to communicate about the process & vision, and implement an action plan for adoption.

Framing the Question

Today: Beginning to Framing the Challenge
Read over other peoples contributions on the
Bold questions that feel particularly powerful.
Spend 5 minutes working independently searching for 3-5 themes
In Breakouts compare themes and work to sort the questions into themes

Next Steps

Be Bold & Have Fun
Distill not Dilute
Invite Different Opinions
Turn Problems into Questions

Ambiguous - Requires each person to bring their own, personal meaning into the room
Personal - All passion, commitment and connection grows of our what’s most personal
evokes anxiety ー All that matters makes us anxious. It is our wish to escape anxiety that steals our aliveness. If there is no edge to the question, there is no power.
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