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30.10 / SaaS MOAT & more


I came across an old post from David Sacks on SaaS business and particularly within SaaS - the one who defines the category is the winner. SaaS is a lot about subscriptions and sales. It’s far easier to sell as a category leader than as a laggard for a comparatively similar product. Below a small snippet from
It’s not just VCs who want to back the category leader — it’s customers too. The reason is a variation on the old saying that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.” Nobody ever gets fired for buying the category leader. The category leader wins the easy sales — the order taking — while also-rans must sell hard to win every deal.

Twitter + Investing

I came across a cool tool on Twitter which is sort of automation building investment knowledge right into Twitter. It is such a cool tool that deserves attention for not what is does (surely for that as well), but mostly as an example for adaption
A lot of discussion on Stocks happen on twitter, so someone decided why not bring stocks stats right into twitter. Amazing. Adapt and be agile!

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