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23.11 / Uber vs Lyft

Uber and Lyft are very much similar, yet different in many ways. In fact, they are among a few tech unicorns who are aligned to each other w.r.t their services offered.
In fact they are so aligned, that back in 2018, I read a writeup from the famous Matt Levine about Uber and Lyft sharing pricing data with each even before these companies were public. Read a snippet below
Six months ago, if Lyft Inc. had secretly sent Uber Technologies Inc. a 274-page memo saying how much an average Lyft ride costs, and how much of that Lyft takes and how much it gives to its drivers, and how much it spends on operations and marketing and research, and what its plans are to make more money, and if Uber had replied with a similar 368-page memo
Why would these companies share such data? If you are wondering then read the complete article here

Uber and Lyft have been operating on similar paths for a long time. Drivers moonlight for both services, customers toggle between the two apps, and despite Lyft’s efforts to position itself as a to Uber, the two companies essentially operate identical ride-sharing services in the US.
Yet there are differences. Uber is global, while Lyft only operates in North America. Uber dominates ride-sharing, taking in roughly 70 percent of US riders spending and leaving Lyft with the rest.
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