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07.11 / AI & more.

Artificial Intelligence

I’m a big AI fan. So naturally I keep a tap on all things happening in the AI world. ‘Generative AI’ has gathered so much of news these days that some investors have renamed their taglines on social media and have named themselves as ‘Generative AI Investors’. That is called ‘Going-with-the-flow.’
Now AI has already supercharged my Investment field and I can speak for a day on the topic. But it has had deep impact onto other areas like drug discovery, fraud prevention, customer support, and many more applications which are critical for our everyday lives.
Cutting to the point, I was super glad to see an elaborate thoughts piece on what AI could be in the future ‘What to Watch in AI’ and how it could impact our lives. Some snippets from the article.

Copilot for everything. AI is already streamlining illustration, writing, and coding. It may soon become an assistant for all knowledge workers. In the future, we may have versions of GitHub’s “Copilot” feature for lawyers, financial analysts, architects, and beyond.
While some AI skeptics characterize large language models as brute-force prediction machines that won’t ever imbue computers with anything like human intelligence or consciousness, what we see, in mind-blowing practice, is how profoundly these kinds of AI tools are already beginning to enhance human flourishing.

Twitter Poll

By the way, I did ask Twitter people about ‘what are they most optimistic about in this decade?’. Overwhelming majority said AI
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Artificial Intelligence: Who Will Lead the Next Era?

Now that it is established that AI is a big topic, it is important to understand who is doing most in the industry. It turns out the cloud service providers (CSPs) have biggest footing in the area.
I stumbled upon a BAIN report which just goes on to show that in terms of shear AI computing power and the talent, CSPs have largely the entire world secured for themselves.

CSPs have the largest fleets of AI servers, and their spending on AI computing architecture is accelerating. More than 15% of leading CSPs’ servers are currently focused on AI computing workloads, and that’s expected to rise to more than 30% by 2025
Lastly, much of the AI talent is concentrated within CSPs. The number of AI employees at the top five US hubs (Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, and IBM) exceeds the size of the AI workforces at the next 45 US companies combined.

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