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25.10 / Retail-ization & more


Providing access of different kind of investments to the retail-investments has been in hype for a few years. We all know of and ’s of the world.
The same process of providing access has shifted to the Real Estate world and other alternatives recently. I will be covering this trend in-depth soon, however one business focused reason why such concepts are coming up more is - PRICE. The affordability aspect is a very special case and we could see more homeowners opting a model where part of their equity is financed by such Alternatives-For-All platforms.
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Social commerce

What is Social Commerce?
‘’Welcome to the dynamic world of social commerce, where consumers explore products and complete transactions through social media and content creation platforms, all in an app. ‘’ Source:

The combination of social media + commerce was bound to take-off. People, especially GenX, spend an increasing amount of time on mobile and platforms. Integration of such platforms into a ‘Mega-app’ and bring in additional commerce functionalities has already started in China and the U.S. Now it’s the matter of spreading the consumption fire.

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