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04.11 / Chips & more.

Lower chips demand

Investment analysts love to follow indicators to check on the health of the economy. Thats a big part of their job - market analysis. Now one such leading KPI is Chip demand and it has been for some time.
Chip demand can predict to some degree the upcoming health of the economy - lower chip demand might mean lower consumer-electronics consumption (think phones, etc.). But chips also go in the industrial products - so a lower demand on business-side might lead to a bigger worry. Definitely something is brewing up in the markets! A snippet that caught my eye

“The memory market condition is severe, and how long and how deep the current adjustment period would be is what everyone wants to know,” President Nobuo Hayasaka said. “Demand from PCs, smartphones and data centers is falling and I can’t foresee when this will start recovering.”

Texas Instruments said it wasn’t surprised by a slowdown in demand for personal devices, but the industrial-equipment market was weaker than expected. Overall, orders have worsened and cancellations have increased during the current quarter, the chipmaker said.

Decrease in the chip index price is also a indicator of things to come.

Oh wow!

I love good article on behavioural science and role of external factors that influence our daily lives.
I would have never thought so deeply about the three letter word - AWE, without . Now, we cannot be travelling to exotic places every-week - to be awed. So bringing awe-factor to our regular lives is such a critical aspect of leading better and healthier lives. The article lists a lot of ways that we can bring ‘awe’ to us - think watching awe-inspiring nature programs, watching awe-inspiring football goals/kicks. Simple ways you can make your life healthier!

A snippet that caught my eye.
Despite centuries of philosophical fascination, awe has only been studied properly in the past 20 years. It is now a hot topic. The physiological experience of awe – goosebumps, dropped jaws, caught breath – is wonderful in itself, but research suggests that regularly feeling wonder can have a range of benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing as well as increasing our compassion, generosity and critical thinking ability.

What is the biggest worry for Startup founders?

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I do a lot of polls and tweets on Startups -

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