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02.11 / FinTech in India & more

FinTech in India

One bright shining spot in the FinTech universe is India. By the way - FinTech is old. Billions have already been invested into the field and many unicorns already right up on the charts. While the west has plunged intself into new tech like AI, AR/VR, Metaverse (although down recently), India is still very much an unending FinTech story and will continue to be. There is so much to do there.

Fintechs are expected to play a vital role in increasing financial inclusion and digital adoption. India has seen a significant rise in fintech investment, with about $35 billion invested across segments thus far, more than doubling India’s share of global fintech funding since 2016. The years 2021 and 2022 saw more than $19 billion of fintech funding and the addition of 18 fintech unicorns.

This graph below from the report is a good reminder of the size of the market in different sectors and the growth it entails for the brands.


Twitter Problems

Twitter news is all the rage right now. From a financial perspective (share price paid) among investment people, to Twitter ‘blue-badge’ users for the subscription price. We will not have any answer soon but this news and discussion frenzy will definitely put a lot of things in perspective. A primary among them for me is - Is Twitter really a good media platform or do we need something else which is more inclusive and less offensive?
I’m very sure a lot of people are discussing similar thoughts and some might already be building a media platform. I came across this excellent price from Noah Smith (Noahpinion - is an amazing Substack to follow - purely from a content perspective). He wrote a piece on Twitter recently.
A snippet below caught my eye
There’s a nonzero chance Musk will be able to improve this situation; if not, it’s hard to see how he could make it particularly worse. If he destroys the platform, we’ll find something else — probably a number of different somethings, which I think would be good for the media ecosystem. Our entire society was not meant to be together; we need more room to spread out and be ourselves.

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