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27.10 / New Era? and more.

New Era?

A lot of the startups that VCs invests into, are long-term focused. Some are even more longer-term bets and called Moonshots. Given this nature of the industry, it is critical to lookout and adapt for the changes happening in the industry and the markets.
McKinsey recently came out with a study on transitioning to the new era. What caught my eye is the line below
Across technology platforms, the key drivers of the most recent era’s digitization and connectivity seem to be approaching saturation. Yet a set of already potent transversal technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI) and bioengineering, may combine to create another big surge of progress in the next era.

Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 14.00.40.png

Education Disruption

I’m extremely confident that one area which is perfectly ripe for a big change is the education sector. Think about it - the way education system is structured is age-old. Most skills that one needs in the real life are not even taught and courses that are taught - one can easily read online at home (all basic stuff).
Plus the tremendous debt exposure it creates for young people in some countries is appalling. Few charts to highlight these issues.



Startup Life

I’m always curious to understand others perspectives on startup topics. Yesterday’s tweet was in the direction of - ‘What we really think a startup is?’. This is not an easy topic. I have met people who straightaway say - it’s a way to get rich. I don’t believe in this very narrow and short-sighted vision of startups.
Nevertheless, I think everyone agrees startups are more about ‘Execution’.
Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 11.05.02.png
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