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24.10 / Flying Cars, Black Consumers & more

Flying Cars

We have always dreamt about them. A perfect achievable part of any sci-fi story - its the Flying Cars. Some companies are already working in the direction to solve for the short-distance travel conundrum and solve our urban traffic problems. But are we really near to a mass-produced model or adoption?

1980: I bet in the future there'll be flying cars. 2022: They're nearly here?!
2022: They're nearly here?! Listen to the

Black Consumers

I’m extremely impact driven and one of the biggest topic is ‘EQUALITY’. It is not an easy topic with a split-second solution. Yet it is one of the biggest diving factors on the planet.
One way I look at this topic is about ‘Enablers’. How can we enable a society where equality prospers and grows, especially when below is true. First step towards equality is providing equal products, services and opportunities.
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Housing Stories

A big change in past decades is how we live. The whole PropTech category is revolving around this topic. And while there are a lot of topics that the tech startups will handle in the upcoming decade, there is one aspect still directly related to the old business way of doing things - what is getting built.

Leave aside the fact that ‘why are we still building inventory in this downturn,’ the interesting fact on the chart below is more and more multi-family is getting built. I guess we are still more social than we know it. PropTech do take care of this topic
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