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Send Account Invite Email

If you’ve just set up a new customer account, or if a customer hasn’t yet activated their account, you can send them an invite email
Select “Customers” in the left navigation and select the customer by clicking on their nam
In their account profile, select “Send Account Invite” in the top right hand corner
An interstitial will pop up with email notification details (To:, From:, etc.). The “To:” field should include the email address of the customer. Ensure that the “From:” field contains either or your email address (select in drop down)
You can choose to personalize the email using the “Subject” and “Custom Message” fields. If you do not personalize the email, it will look like this
Whether you personalize the account invite or not, select “Review Email” to preview what you are sending before it is delivered to the customer
After reviewing the email preview select “Send notification” to finish and send the customer their account invitation
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