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Select “Discounts” from the left navigation and select the discount you’re interested in.
On the right hand side of the page, the discount’s parameters will be listed along with the discount status, how many times it’s been used, etc.
Important Note: Before disabling or creating discount codes, please consult Ian Moffat or Kevin Hoose as corresponding changes will need to be made to the storefront’s scripts.
Please see details below for the PIN Program discount codes.
PIN Program Discount Codes
PIN101, PIN102, PIN103,… (can be found in Discounts section of Shopify UI)
16% Off (offer explained below)
Customer Eligibility
All Customers; limited to one use per customer
Order Eligibility
First AutoShip subscription order, only
Must be manually entered at checkout by customer
Internal notes
Please note that the discount offer amount is for 16% off because this code will stack with the 5% AutoShip discount that Rayne offers on all AS orders (first and N+1 orders; cannot be changed)
See example screenshot below, from checkout and the differences between the order “Total” and “Recurring Total”
Please note that these discount codes are already pre-set and are codified in printed PIN Program materials. With that said, please don’t change the discount codes, or the params, in Shopify without notifying Dawn so that she can pass along any updates to participants.
If placing an order for a customer inside the Shopify Admin UI, please still used the discount code (i.e. PIN101) as the reason code

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