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Managing AutoShip Subscriptions

Select “Apps” from the left navigation and select “Bold Subscriptions” (don’t choose V1 app!)
Select “Subscriptions” from the left navigation and click on the subscription ID that you’re updating
Scroll down below the “Active customer subscriptions” header to view all subscription information (products, customer info, payment info, subscription frequency, etc.). Select “Show Details” to view more information
To change the order date(s) or frequency select “Edit future orders” or “Change frequency” respectively. When editing a future order, make sure to select whether subsequent orders should be based off of that change (ex: “Only update next order date”). Select “Save” to finish.
To update payment information select “Change Payment Information” which will send the customer an email notification to update their CC info. See the email preview below
Important note: payment information changes to a customer’s subscription will also be reflected on their customer account in Shopify. The same is true in reverse (i.e. a customer updates their payment information in Shopify for a one time order, and their payment information in Bold will change).
To update shipping address information select “Edit” on the right hand side.
To update products in the subscription select “Edit Quantity” to change the number of products in the subscription, swap products, or remove products. Please note that only admins can add new products to a customer’s subscription.
Future subscription orders can be skipped in the “Manage Upcoming Orders” menu. Skipping one shipment will not impact the subscription frequency or other future order dates.
To cancel the subscription, Please note this will send the customer an email notification so be sure that they know this cancellation is in order before selecting “Cancel Subscription”.
Important note: changes to an existing subscription (ex: add a new product, change shipping address, update frequency) will change the associated shipping costs back to Rayne default shipping rates.
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