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Refunding an Order

Select the order you want to refund, by clicking on the order number
Select “Refund” at the top of the order page
Add quantities to the products you want to refund and ensure that the “Refund Amount” reflects this.
If the customer is keeping the product (ex: damaged packaging, spoiled, etc.) make sure to uncheck the “Restock item” box.
Make sure to enter a reason for the refund and add your initials! Example: “Full refund for damaged cans. - KH”
If doing a partial refund adjust the amount and click “Refund” to refund manually. Note: you cannot provide a refund that’s greater than the value of the order + shipping.
If refunding for shipping, enter refundable shipping amount. Ensure that this is reflected in the total “Refund Amount” on the right hand side.
Ensure that the “Send a notification to the customer” box is checked and select the “Refund $X.XX” button on the right hand side to finish the refund.
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