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Customer Notifications

Shopify sends customers automated email notifications for various behaviors or events (ex: Order Confirmation). Here’s a list of all of the customer notifications that Shopify sends.
For an overview of the most frequented customer notifications, and how they show up in the customers’ timelines. Please see the chart below (dated 3/25/21).
To see more details and previews of these customer notifications, log into your Shopify admin account, select “Settings” in the bottom left hand corner, then select “Notifications”.
Some of these default notifications have been customized, including the Customer Account Welcome email and the Abandoned Cart email. Previews below. Customers can always unsubscribe from these emails. Links are at the very bottom of the email content.
If a customer requires help in unsubscribing from these emails, an admin can change their email marketing status. Select “Customers'' in the left navigation. After clicking on the customer’s profile select “Edit Status” on the right hand side where it says “Email Marketing”. Uncheck that box if they wish to unsubscribe, or check the box if they want to subscribe or re-subscribe.
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