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Searching for Customers by DVM or Hospital

To view all customers (pet owners) associated with a specific DVM and/or hospital, select Apps from the left navigation and then Customer Fields.
Select Customers from the left navigation.
To search for customers associated with a veterinarian’s name, click +Add Filter then select “Veterinarian’s Name (veterinarians_name)”. Using the operators search for the vet’s name, or part of the vet’s name.
To search for customers associated with a veterinary hospital, click +Add Filter then select “Veterinary Hospital (veterinary_hospital)”. Using the operators search for the vet hospital, or part of the vet hospital.
Select the Done button to view a list of all customers associated with your search. You can export these results if needed or save the search using the options above the customer list.
A few notes on this process
The search in Customer Fields will only return customers that have an account with Rayne through Shopify. This doesn’t mean they’ve purchased yet, nor activated their account. It just means we have their information on file.
If you try to select Veterinarian’s Name (veterinarians_name_1) or Veterinarian’s Name (veterinarians_name_3) your search results will likely be null. Make sure to search on the fields above or test out the search fields to ensure you’re getting accurate results
If you need more information about a group of customers associated with a vet or hospital, please reach out to Ian Moffat or Kevin Hoose to run a report with this information.

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