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Creating an Order

To create an order as an admin, you must first make sure that the customer exists. Please refer to the “Creating a New Customer” section on how to do this.
Select “Orders” from the left navigation menu
Select “Create Order” in top right hand corner
Search for products and add them to the order. You can search by product name (ie Kangaroo) or by SKU (ie RT101). Make sure to adjust the quantity.
Find the customer by searching for them in the top right hand section.
Once the customer is added, check their shipping address. Click “Edit” next to shipping address brings up the option to add a new address or select another known address for that customer.
If a discount is to be applied, click “Add Discount” then select either $ or %, enter the amount and provide a reason.
Important note: when creating an order as an admin, it’s not possible to add automatic discounts or account-level discounts. If a customer or hospital is entitled to a discount it has to be applied manually on each and every order.
As a reminder, here are the main discounts we offer:
25% discount on all orders for hospitals that inventory Rayne products.
35% discount on all orders for Rayne, Trupanion and Hospital employees.
If you are applying a discount code, please enter the discount code as the reason in the reason box.
Click “Add Shipping” and select the correct option.
Important Note: free shipping is always an option on this screen for admin users, please only select this option if the customer is entitled to receive free shipping on the order.
As a reminder, here are the main scenarios we give free shipping:
Subscription customer and the order is over $30
Order is over $125
Order is $0 (replacing lost or damaged or incorrect order)
Click “Pay with Card” fill out the information and click “Charge”. If the order is for $0 click “Mark as Paid” instead of “Pay with Card”.
Important Note: as an admin, you will not be able to access a customer’s saved payment information to place an order. You must ask for the payment information each time, or the customer must go online to place the order themselves, with their saved payment information
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