People Operations – Implement an HRIS

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🚀 Objective

Implement an HR Information System (HRIS), payroll, and benefits for GaeaStar in the US. If feasible, integrate with what’s required for the German entity.

🤔 Problem

When the funding round closes, Sanjeev and Clifton want to transition into GaeaStar as employees. GaeaStar also plans to open an Atelier in the Bay Area and grow to 10+ employees by the end of the year.
So far, the company has not run payroll here or has set up any benefits that are required in CA. However, we are working with a payroll office in Germany to stay compliant there, so that is less of a priority.

🥾 Milestones & Time Estimate

Est. Hours
Est. Timeline
Align project plan and finalize consulting agreement
Feb 10, 2023
Gather documents
Collect requirements for the new HRIS (Human Resources Information System) in an informal RFP
Decide on an HRIS software
Set up the system
Implement Medical, Dental, Vision and other benefits
Set up pay cycles
Ensure proper integration with QuickBooks and other tools
Quick walkthrough with the founding team & run first payroll
There are no rows in this table

💭 Proposal

1️⃣ Gather documents [1 hours]
Company formation, F-EIN, CA registration, Bank Account,…
Existing employee contracts, NDAs, previous pay stubs, liability waivers…
Get (admin) access to Carta, Google Workspace, … for integration later on
Get introduction to current payroll provider in Germany
2️⃣ Collect requirements for the new HRIS in an informal RFP [2 hours]
Collect required benefits & trainings in California
Collect required benefits & trainings in Germany
Discuss expectations toward a system with Sanjeev and Clifton
Write down an informal Request for Proposal (RFP)
3️⃣ Decide on an HRIS software [2 hours]
Research providers
Reach out to Rippling, Gusto, and 1-2 others to walk through their sales process
Gather notes in the RFP to compare & send to Sanjeev and Clifton for Feedback
Negotiate pricing with preferred vendor
Sign the contract
4️⃣ Set up the system [8 hours]
Set up company details, templates, integrations with other tools, etc.
Give the HRIS permission to report payroll to the IRS on our behalf
Register GaeaStar with any other government bodies, f.ex. as an employer in California
Set up any existing employees and upload existing documents
5️⃣ Implement Medical, Dental, Vision, and other benefits [5 hours]
Get input from Sanjeev and Clifton on what they expect from these plans
Collect requirements and expectations in an informal RFP
Reach out to Allpointe plan administrator to get details on pricing etc.
Decide on whether to use an administrator or handle in-house
Decide on plans and enroll employees
6️⃣ Set up pay cycles [1 hour]
Review hiring plan for what pay cycles are useful
Set pay cycles and any other payroll settings
7️⃣ Ensure proper integration with other tools [2 hours]
Google Workspace
User management for any other tools like Slack, Calendly, DocuSign, …
8️⃣ Quick walkthrough with the founding team & run first payroll [0.5 hours]
Give a 30-min walkthrough of the tool to Sanjeev and Clifton

🔖 Deliverables

At the end of the project, GaeaStar will …
have two new employees, Sanjeev and Clifton 😉
be able to easily run payroll in-house for CA for them and any new employees
be compliant and competitive with respect to benefits in CA
have a fully set up HR tool that provides an overview of all employees, associated costs, time-off, their access to other tools, …

We will have to decide later on, if it’s also possible to …
Integrate payroll data from the existing provider in Germany (or)
Replace the existing provider with a more automated system for running payroll there

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